How to Invest

Open a New Account on Account Access

If you are an existing Royce Funds shareholder, you may also login and select the Purchase option.

Royce Closed-End Funds can also be purchased online through Direct Investing. Learn more.

To open an account directly with Royce by mail, download and complete an account application or order these materials by telephoning Investor Services at (800) 221-4268.

Mail your completed application, along with a check payable to The Royce Funds, to:
The Royce Funds
c/o BFDS - Midwest
P.O. Box 219012
Kansas City, MO 64121-6012

Many of our mutual funds are available for purchase through financial advisors or third parties such as mutual fund supermarkets, broker-dealers, trading platforms, and/or banks.

Please contact your personal financial advisor to find out more information and for help in figuring out which Royce Mutual Funds are best suited for your long-term investment goals.

Any account specific information will be handled through that third party, rather than Royce.

Through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), you can purchase or redeem fund shares ($50 minimum) by automatically debiting or crediting your checking account. Please note most savings accounts are not eligible for ACH services.

It may take two business days for ACH to debit or credit your checking account. Make sure that your bank is a member of ACH. Most banks don't charge fees for ACH transactions.

There are three ways to add ACH banking instructions to your Royce Funds account(s):

  1. Login to Account Access and click on the Update Bank Information or Add Bank Information links under the "Manage Preferences" tab.
  2. Download, complete, and mail us the Express Service Form.
  3. Establish "Expedited Purchases and Redemptions" on your account application.

Once you have added banking instructions to your account, you can purchase or redeem Fund shares online through Account Access, by telephoning Shareholder Services at (800) 841-1180 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time, or by Royce Infoline at (800) 78-ROYCE at any time.


If you would like to redeem fund shares and have the proceeds wired to your bank, please contact Investor Services Monday through Friday at (800) 841-1180 before the close of trading on the NYSE (generally 4 p.m. Eastern time). A Royce Representative will assist you. Please note your bank may charge a fee for receiving wires. The maximum daily amount that can be redeemed is $50,000. The bank wiring instructions must already be established on your Royce Funds account. For more information, please see ACH Banking Instructions.


You may purchase directly into an existing account from your bank by using the following instructions. Please note that purchases will be made at the close of trading on the NYSE (generally 4 p.m. Eastern time) on the day that the wire is received. If the wire is received after 4 p.m. Eastern time it will be processed the next business day.

Wiring Instructions:

State Street Bank and Trust Co., Inc.

ABA #011000028

Credit DDA #9904-712-8

Insert Here: Name of Royce Fund You Have Purchased

Insert Here: Your Account Number

Account Owner's Name

Account Access

If you own shares directly with Royce, Account Access allows you to manage your accounts and open new accounts online.

Account Access Registration for Direct Shareholders

To register for Account Access, you need your Royce Funds account number and your Social Security Number. Your account number is easily accessible from a recent statement. Please contact Shareholder Services at (800) 841-1180 if you have trouble finding your account number.

Services Available for Royce Shareholders

  • Open a New Account
  • View Recent History and Average Cost Basis
  • Purchase, Exchange, or Redeem Shares
  • Add or Update an Automatic Investment Plan
  • Update Distribution Options
  • Change eDelivery Preferences
  • Update Email and Mailing Addresses
  • Change Username or Password
  • Add or Update Banking Information
  • View Confirmation Statements, Semiannual Statements, and Tax Forms

Forgot Your Password?

Go to the Account Access login page, enter your Username, and select the Forgot Password link. Please note we have limited the number of times (three) any user can enter a Password incorrectly to deter unauthorized users. Also, if there is no activity on an account for 15 minutes, you will be automatically logged off. If you leave your computer unattended, this time-out feature will help to prevent an unauthorized user from accessing the account(s).

You will need to contact Shareholder Services at (800) 841-1180 to reset your Password if you have been blocked from the system.


If you have questions about Account Access, please call Investor Services at (800) 221-4268.

Account Minimums

Investment Class Shares

  • Sold directly by The Royce Funds without sales charges or commissions
  • No front-end or back-end sales charges/loads apply

Service Class Shares

  • Sold directly through The Royce Funds or a third-party financial intermediary
  • No front-end or back-end sales charges/loads apply
  • An annual 0.25% distribution (12b-1) fee applies

Consultant Class Shares

  • Generally offered only through certain broker-dealers
  • No front-end or back-end sales charges/loads apply.
  • An annual 1.00% distribution (12b-1) fee applies.

Institutional Class Shares

  • Designed primarily for investment by or through retirement plans, foundations, endowments, and similar institutions (Individuals may not purchase Institutional Class shares)
  • No front-end or back-end sales charges/loads apply
  • No distribution (12b-1) fees apply

R Class Shares are generally offered only through certain broker-dealers to "Retirement Plans" held on the books of the Funds through omnibus account arrangements.

K Class Shares are generally offered only through certain broker-dealers to "Retirement Plans" held on the books of the Funds through omnibus account arrangements.

W Class Shares are designed for certain wrap fee programs offered through financial intermediaries.

  Regular Account IRA Automatic Investment or
Deposit Account
Total Return


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