David Nadel on Nasdaq TradeTalks: Why International Small-Caps?
article 10-05-2017

David Nadel on Nasdaq TradeTalks: Why International Small-Caps?

Portfolio Manager David Nadel makes the case for international small-caps on Nasdaq TradeTalks.



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On October 2, 2017, Portfolio Manager David Nadel was a guest on Nasdaq's TradeTalks, joining Jill Malandrino to discuss what he sees as attractive opportunities in international small-caps.

He also detailed his ‘quality-at-a-reasonable price’ strategy, saying "We tend to focus on 50 companies in the strategy, so in the international small-cap asset class we’re among the most concentrated of the various firms out there. We’re still, however, producing low volatility so that reflects the types of companies that we invest in–very predictable cash flow businesses. We want very high quality businesses."

He also remarked on the importance of active management in a concentrated portfolio, adding, "It’s a huge universe of these companies out there and I think it takes an active manager to find the really good businesses."

David also shared where he is finding opportunities and highlighted the specific regions on which he’s more bullish: "We really like the developed markets because we’re getting very long operating histories and great corporate governance… these companies are selling globally. They’re getting a lot of revenue from emerging markets but we’re getting world class businesses."

Watch the full Nasdaq TradeTalks interview here.

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