Grant's Conference: Big Opportunities in Small-Cap
article 03-28-2017

Grant's Conference: Big Opportunities in Small-Cap

Chuck Royce and Steve Lipper joined Jim Grant at Grant's Conference to discuss overlooked innovation in small-cap.


Chuck Royce and Steve Lipper joined host Jim Grant at Grant's Conference on March 15 to discuss uncovering innovation and opportunities in small-cap stocks.

Also speaking at the conference with Chuck and Steve were Jack Bogle and Peter R. Fisher.

They discussed a variety of topics covering the future of small-cap investing.

On the small-cap market, Chuck said: "We see 2016 as beginning a new period of small-cap leadership. In contrast to the prior period, we think we're just beginning a multi-year run of leadership for value stocks and active management."

Russell 2000 Value vs Growth Annualized Trailing 10-Year Relative Return as of 12/31/16


1The 10-year avearge annual total return through 12/31/16 was 5.78% for the Russell 2000 Value and 7.76% for the Russell 2000 Growth. -1.50% represents the difference.
Standard Deviation is a measure that quantifies the amount of dispersion in a data set. Roughly 68% of the data values are within one standard deviation of the mean.

Steve discussed innovation in the asset class, saying it "Comes in multiple forms in small-cap companies. Sometimes the business model is the innovation, and investors often undervalue the long-term difference a superior business model can create."


For more information on Grant's and the investment conference, click here.

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