Francis Gannon on's Mid-Year Equity Update
article 07-20-2015

Francis Gannon on's Mid-Year Equity Update

In a small-cap market that has largely been led by low-quality companies, Co-CIO Francis Gannon believes the current environment calls for a return to a more risk-oriented, fundamental approach to investing.


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"We've lived in a world where companies that are loss makers, that have negative EBIT, have actually outperformed now for a period of time," said Co-Chief Investment Officer Francis Gannon on's "Mid-Year Equity Outlook 2015" Masterclass. "Risk is something I think we've forgotten about in a market that, on a quarterly basis, seems to hit new highs."

On July 9, 2015, Francis—joined by Dodd Kittsely, head of ETP strategy at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, and Frazer Rice, managing director, wealth advisory services at Wilmington Trust—sat down with host Trish Regan to discuss a number of topics at the fore of many investors' minds, including the fate of Greece, China's bear market, and international investing today, sectors that currently look attractive in a higher interest rate environment, the prospects for CAPEX, and more.

"I think in the United States you're on a road to normalization, which is something we haven't seen," said Francis. "And what does that mean? From our perspective in the small-cap space, you're going to see lower returns from a market perspective."

Francis Gannon has 22 years of investment industry experience, eight of which at Royce. 

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