The Undiscovered Connection: Value-Led Periods and Active Management

    by Steve Lipper

    There seems to be a notable historical trend of active small-cap managers outperforming the Russell 2000 Index in periods when value stocks lead, while trailing the small-cap index when growth stocks lead. ... Continue reading

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    Our Case for Active Management

    Our focus has always been on seeking to provide our shareholders with above-average long-term results on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis—not on beating our respective benchmarks.

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    Rolling Returns: A Better Way to Measure Performance

    Though calendar-year returns are among the most common measures of portfolio performance, rolling returns arguably offer a robust analysis.

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    Risk, Volatility, and Royce Total Return Fund

    by Chuck Royce and Jay Kaplan

    How has Total Return fared in down market periods relative to its benchmark and peers?

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    The Importance of Dividends in Small-Cap Investing

    In the small-cap asset class we view dividends as a key component of strong, long-term total returns.

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