What Small-Cap Investors Need to Know About the Election
article , video 11-04-2016

What Small-Cap Investors Need to Know About the Election

Co-CIO Francis Gannon outlines what's important for small-cap investors to know about the upcoming election.  


What do small-cap investors need to know about the election?

Well, to be sure, this has been a very tumultuous election season and it's creating a lot of uncertainty in a variety of different ways.

I guess from our standpoint as a small-cap investor, I have confidence in the fact that outside of the short-term noise that the election will create in the overall market, that buying good businesses, profitable businesses that have proper capital allocation, will be able to take advantage of any environment that comes in the post-election world, and will be better or higher from a business perspective or valuation perspective, in three to five years.

And I think that's the key thing to remember in this world. At this particular time, the key thing to remember is that elections create a lot of short-term noise. But as a long-term investor, you can benefit from the noise and therefore, the opportunities.

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