article 05-12-2014

"It's been six months since we first introduced our blog..."

It's been six months since we first introduced our blog, and I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank those of you who have been with us since the beginning. For me it's been an interesting retrospective on our more than 40 years of small-cap investing, and I hope that, in return, you have found our content engaging, insightful, and, most of all, informative…

When we first launched the Royce blog, I wanted to give you a closer look into my thoughts on small-cap value investing through a more intimate lens… drawing from my early experiences as a value investor who has lived through various market cycles, movements, and trends… and throughout this whole process, I've been thinking over ways in which the blog could be more useful for our readers…

Because we have such a diverse and dedicated lineup of investment professionals here at Royce, I thought it would be a good idea to invite some of our senior staff members to contribute their unique viewpoints from time to time. By doing so, I hope to provide you with a broader perspective on the topics that matter most to us as a firm.

So, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I turn over the next blog post to Co-CIO Francis Gannon. Frank has been looking closely at the equity returns for some of our Featured Funds since the May 2, 2013 calendar low for the 10-year Treasury yield, and I'm looking forward for him to share his observations on those results as well as his thoughts on recent market behavior.



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